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Quick Facts

  • Gender Female
  • Sexuality Heterosexual
  • Age 20's
  • Height 5' 5" / 165cm
  • Hair Long Brunette
  • Eyes Amber
  • Body Hour Glass
  • Bust DD cup
  • Dress Size 12
  • Ethnicity European
  • Language English
  • Category Body Rub for Men

About Me

Beautiful bodyrubs by gorgeous Eve

HELLO! :-)


Thanks for landing in my ad. Great to meet you.

My name is Eve & I am a bodywork provider here in Brisbane, Queensland.

Here is a little about my services and the rest!


0406 008 510    /    +61 406 008 510



We start off by allowing you to relax and settle into the space for a few minutes and then I begin by using warm towels on your lower and upper back followed by your feet. Then I use long, rhythmic strokes and other movements to relax your whole body.


Then you turn over and I tend the whole front of your body including chest, stomach, shoulders, neck and if you like temples and head. I take enjoyment in providing you with the best service that I can and if you have any further personal requirements, I answer inquiries and take some requests in person, during your appointment.



I am available to take appointments Monday to Sunday (no Saturdays) between 9am to 8pm. 


However, please note they I do not actually work all these hours full time and I work by appointment. I am just available to make contact with between those hours and on those days. Sometimes you can get an appointment with 30 minutes notice and sometimes with 2-3 hours notice. 



Sherwood Road, Sherwood/Rocklea 

(Brisbane, QLD, Australia)



30min - $50

45min - $60

60min - $70

75min - $85


90min - $100 

(Only offered by my discretion when we meet and if I am completely comfortable with proceeding. I will not offer this over phone if you try and ask). 



I am Caucasian and born in Europe. Raised in Australia. I speak fluent English.


Some clients ask me if I am “Australian” or where my accent is from.  -What I focus on is giving a great service. I am human. That IS what matters. If my race and background matter to you THAT much; please do not make contact with me. I do not like those that discriminate.


Physically, I have DD breasts which too can give amazing body rubs. I am only 5’5 and I am strong enough, skilled enough and formally trained at a massage college. Hourglass size 10-12 figure with smooth, blemish free skin that is also completely freckle free. I am pretty and I have a symmetrical face with good bone structure and lovely cheekbones. Slender nose, lovely full lips, big soulful eyes, thick brown locks. 


I discovered my passion for helping people while studying health science at university. My curiosity to health and wellbeing leads me on a path to holistic health and tantric discovery.


PLEASE note:

My photo is not verified because it would require me sending a photo of my face to the administrators of this website and I prefer to protect my privacy in it’s entirety. 



Please contact me on the number below. When you make contact, I will answer. Should I be busy, I will get back to you as soon as possible.

0406 008 510    /    +61 406 008 510







these are important SO don’t misbehave!

Or miss out! 



When visiting me, please arrive fairly clean, clean or freshly showered with as clean as possible hands or wash your hands here. If you want a foot massage, wash and scrub your feet and cut your nails! 



The prices I have on offer are definitely fair. I’m not asking for your first born or your house. I charge less than some and more some. If you aren’t comfortable with my prices, please do not attempt negotiation as I will not budge. Rather; go elsewhere where you are more comfortable with the pricing. I am not desperate for clients. Thanks for understanding.



Quick, polite and succinct communication gets you an appointment with me. For those that think that simply because they are paying, they don’t need to say hello and introduce themselves nor say please or thank you; you are sorely mistaken. Should you not have been bought up to treat all working professionals (not matter their profession) with respect and polite manners; I will happily show you how it’s done below in rule #4.



Whenever communicating with me, for the first time, trying sending me a text message like this:

“Hi Eve. I found your ad. I would like to book an appointment. My name is {insert your name} and I would like to come see you {day and/or date} for {length of time}. Please get back to me as soon as you can. Thank you.”


See?!  :-)

It’s that easy to get an appointment with me!

No need to sound unfriendly, a lazy texter, be properly uncommunicative or arrogantly dismissive to a point of treating me like a servant who’s your personal slave that which you own and take out your frustrations upon. Please remember that belittling others, no matter who they may be, is a reflection on you! NO ABUSE.


I am a free human that chooses to provide a personal service to the best kind of clients. 


I do not accept people who cannot be bothered to communicate with me properly and politely. 😊



This goes without saying - - - Should you have any personal health issues or are sick / potentially carry any type of disease in any way; please please seek out a doctor first and then when fully in the clear, make contact with me. I will be alert when you arrive. 



PLEASE pay upfront for any extra service we agree upon.

This is not negotiable unless I’m 100% made aware that you have money by seeing it prior to commencing the service and allow you to pay upon completion of session because I prefer you stay on the massage table because you are simply immersed in the experience and fully comfortable there. I do not like to disrupt your body too much.

If you wish to discuss and pay upfront prior to the commencement of the service and laying down on the table, that is an option that is there for you.



Please respect and understand that I am only human being that is offering a service. I am the massage therapist and you are the customer. I expect your respect and kindness. 



ABSOLUTELY NO TOUCHING without asking me AND no showing any micro-aggressions if you try and touch and I pull away. No frownies either!

No means no. I will either say no or I will charge you for touching. My body. My rules. My body autonomy. No one is entitled to touch without asking first. I will give you the answer that I feel most comfortable with.



Extras are not free. Sorry all, extras are charged and even if you want free extras when you think you are entitled; you are not getting freebies. If I feel like I want to give a freebie here or there; that is under my full discretion but I can tell you that it only happens 0.02% of the time. Which is near to never.



Please keep in mind that I usually work where I have a properly set up massage space. I do not live and work in the same place. I adore my clients; however I do not want to disturb my private home life nor do I want to bring any unnecessary energy into the beautiful massage space that is exclusively set up for my beautiful clients. I don’t bring clients into my home! Thank you for understanding.



Smile! Be positive! Please don’t make my work harder! 


#12  Bring cash or your debit/credit cards. If you arrive without payment and need to go to get money; your appointment time will be shortened and I will charge for the time you originally had booked. I cannot give you more time especially when I have another client coming straight after you. Respect my time and others time. I serve many people! 


I do not want be bothered to miss out on compensation that is meant to come to me. I am running a self-employed business. Please respect that.


Thank you and I look forward to seeing you soon.


0406 008 510    /    +61 406 008 510

Things I Prefer In Private

  • Affectionate cuddling
  • Costumes
  • Dinner companion
  • Fetish
  • Light spanking
  • Sex toys
  • Cuddling and Touching
  • Overnight
  • Toys
  • Erotic Relaxation
  • Relief

My Reviews

"Can take you home?" - Gerard


"This is the best massage I have ever had." - Stephen


"You are so good. My legs feel much better." - Sammi


"This is the best massage I have ever had. Your hands are soft and strong." - Michael


"I wish I had you every day." - Niles


Call or SMS


  From To
Today 11:00 AM7:00 PM
Sun 11:00 AM7:00 PM
Mon By appointment
Tue By appointment
Wed By appointment
Thu By appointment
Fri 11:00 AM8:00 PM

Rates From

30 min $60
45 min $70
1 hr $80
1.5 hrs $350
Rates Extras

Please feel free to speak with me during your massage appointment about any personal requirements you may have.

Please note that I will not discuss any other services besides massage via SMS, phone call or email.

You will need to ask me while with me about any other requirements you may have while we are together.

I appreciate you understanding and I look forward to serving you soon:)

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