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Grace Darling


Quick Facts

  • Gender Female
  • Sexuality Bisexual
  • Age 40's
  • Height 5' 5" / 165cm
  • Hair Long Black
  • Eyes Brown
  • Body Petite/Slim
  • Bust C cup
  • Dress Size 8
  • Ethnicity European
  • Language English, French, Korean, Italian
  • Category Escort for Men, Ladies and Couples

About Me

I am Grace and I am bliss and je souis à vous....

 Hello, I am Grace, 

 My family is European

I have the sublime face of a classic beauty.


And I believe that sometimes we all need something powerful and sweet, something divine, special and unique...


Sometimes we need something that takes our breath away with suprise and wonder...

We need a reminder that something extraordinary exists, just for us..... we to experience the occasional need fuck-off-amazing-blow-me-away-kill-me-now sex and we also need areal honest truthful hug, an absolutely real one... a hug that becomes a cuddle...we need an absolutely real cuddle that says;EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE ALRIGHT.



I also offer you companionship without sex…


fees upon Iquiry:



 A time spent in conversation or in quiet simpatico

In this job, the most valuable is the gift I have been given is an understanding of humanity and a deeper compassion. 

I also happen to be in possession of particularly fine manners. 


I am the stunning woman on your arm, immaculately dressed, bright, cultured and intelligent and on every occasion

immaculately dressed and beautifully presented…






my fee for an hour of bliss in what ever form you desire , in my apartment in the Melbourne laneways


( a sweet apartment filled with art and champagne and glowing with candle light and fresh flowers, nestled amongst the skyscrapers in the heart of the cbd)



is $600

$400 for a glorious quickie


( always invigorating for lunch , on the way to or from somewhere stressful, on your lunch break, or on the way home …)


$600 is the fee for my hour service

& $700 for an outcall…for planning and travel etc


i add not one extra. 


all is included. 


tounges and fingers can go where they like, cum as often as you please. and go crazy with the delights of my toys and lingerie 

the only rules are 

no bum action or pain allowed 


I can see you at at your address, i have a very sweet little apartment, glowing with candle light and incense ….

It is In the cbd and has a discreet entrance ….


or i am happy to come to you for an out call or mine. 


my service begins when i offer you a shower, washing all of you with my exquisite pure organic soaps and lotions 


a deep tissue massage to relax you enough to feel deeply my touch and intention. 


i use organic oil with wild profoundly sweet….


my muscles are extremely tight from yoga and exsercise...

with me, i invite you to explore the range of your own possible hights of pleasure within me. 


to finish i massage you again , but this time to sleep if you like, and tip toe and i let myself out ...


if you dont want to sleep and feel like turning this pleasure into a lazy dreamy very sexy afternoon or morning or evening, and want to continue to have sex more than likely i will feel that it would be a privilege to join you fir sn extended booking till the sun sets or rises....


every hour after the first is $100 less and some extras or different prices can be discussed 




These are umbrella fees where I will not be telling you every 5 minutes that your tounge or your fingers have cost you another $50 or $100 ....for extras…..


These fees covers everything thst is reasonably expected in a booking …..


anything unusual is welcome and can be discussed…


I would like to see a photograph of you, some form of id, and $100 deposit. This gives me the assurance I need that you are serious about meeting me & seeing it through to the end.


I would like to see a photograph of you, some form of id, and $100 deposit. This gives me the assurance I need that you are serious about meeting me & seeing it through to the end.


anything particular to you is more than likely wecome and we can talk about a fee for the experience of it. 

if you care to read on....



this is what I believe I am offering you:




fuck-off-amazing-blow-me-away-kill-me-now sex and a cuddle, a real one, a cuddle that says;sometimes we want fuck-off-amazing-blow-me-away-kill-me-now sex and sometimes we need a cuddle, a real one, a cuddle that says;call me when you want something you can’t get at home .

Sparkling conversation that you may not be able to have at home

and a feeling of ease and adventure



When we are together I watch .the way you move, the way you breathe




this is how I work out what you want. Your rythm.


Years of yoga has made my body lithe and athletic; my limbs as flexible as a skilfully tied mariners knot and this gives us many positions and sensations we will explore with each other…


I know you know what true luxury is,


how rare quality is…

Luxury is precious, something to be deserved and treasured,

A luxurious gift of quality is very special....

You have been wanting to give yourself a rare gift…

...and now you can,  

you can give yourself, me…

And you can give me your uninhibited self



And sometimes we just want something fucking amazing that we have never had before...








I offer you this magic state that you may then carry in your body, into your life with appropriate self protection and emotional spiritual Boundaries...


What I offer you experientially, is potentially life changing in the confidence and emotional and spiritual evolution that is possible...


My service is a kind of GFE with a feeling of freedom and uninhibited Joy. 

I don’t believe in charging extra during the booking, as each moment our rhythm changes....

I charge $600 per hour as an umbrella fee....



Lots of sensual touching that also relaxes you and soothes your various tensions


For a healthy mind and soul, the physical expression of passion is essential, alone with me you will have permission to be uninhibited and indulge yourself with the pleasures of the lightning I keep in my mind and between my thighs


I offer you in my service:


Uninhibited sensuous self expression. 

Me and my full focus to assist you to reach a state of relief, comfort, confidence or connection....


 ( you must be transparent and vulnerable to inform me to know what you need/want ... if I don’t know, I can’t do my job as beautifully and and sublimely exquisitely as I think that I do !!!) 



I do not judge but absolutely do not indulge in pain of any sort, anal sex or anything that causes anxiety. I aim for an experience of luxuriating in pleasure only. The only pain I enjoy is pleasure that is so delicious that it hurts. 



You are free to explore at the fantasies that you have with me holding your hand. The fantasies that you have been shy or nervous to indulge in. Now you can. And I will be happy to help you. 


This lustrous moment in time is yours. 


A deposit is essential to confirm our booking. 

I expect your offering of cash or pay Id immediately on meeting. So over and done with we are free to get in with everything that is pleasurable and liberating. 

Please arrive knowing that the exchange of money for time is essential. 

I will not continue our adventure if anything other than planned in our previous discussion is expected. 

Please... do not fuck with me if you want to fuck me or I will fuck with you....

I will only be fucked with in one way. And that is a nice kind sweet honest way... I will have no patience for anything else and will give it short shrift...

Now that we are clear, send me an email or pick up your phone and request a booking. I will get back to you within the day. 


I also work with COUPLES enhancing trust and intensifying their connection and intimacy.

I facilitate intimate experiences of erotic awakening & encourage a more profoundly intimate relationship. 



Most importantly though, i will make sure we have a truly wonderful time together! !!!


Fun is extremely important for the maintenance of a healthy spiritual life and an  underestimated balm that soothes the sorrows accumulated in this life.  



I am authentic in my enthusiasm for all things sensual and in that spirit,


i want you to reveal your private yearnings to me.



ehsts your fantasy? .




come on, whisper them to me if you are shy, tell me what you need from me and I will surrender to and materialise with sensitivity your sensual desiresI encourage you to explore my body and discover its delights for yourself; I will listen for your signals, following you as you find your rhythm...

Behind closed doors where there are no prying eyes..we are alone and  I watch your sensuality become free and uninhibited...where you yearn to blossom and then explode…

With me, my non judgmental attitude and open heart, ability to hold and control the space, you can be free and unselfconscious. 

Come share with me your private yearnings. I want to picture you as you are in your fantasies.

What are the erotic scenes you think of over and over? 






One of the services I offer is my companionship, sans sex.....



On these occasions, my mind and wit not only suffice but satisfy and my sense of humour is engaging, light hearted and ( hopefully ) endearing.


On every other occasion, I will encourage you to explore your fantasies with me in a way that is sensual and sexually satisfying, but always respectful.  I am not one to pass judgement on another person’s desires and needs, but good sex is a negotiation and so I expect you to countenance my wishes and at all times treat me with kindness and respect.  


Please the spirit of love and respect....


if you decide that you would like to fuck me, please don’t fuck with me and honour the few guidelines I work within



( ie, pay me properly, do not cause me pain or anxiety, do not embarrass yourself or me by asking for natural sex or anal sex...or I may just disappear...)





I am very much looking forward to being kind to you,



As Kindness is my true North Star.


With love ( of course, )


( of course) ,





( Grace)



Things I Prefer In Private

  • Affectionate cuddling
  • Affectionate kissing
  • Bi twin (double)
  • BLS
  • BS
  • CBJ
  • Costumes
  • Costumes and role play
  • Couples
  • Dinner companion
  • FE
  • Foot fetish
  • GFE
  • Kissing
  • Light spanking
  • LK
  • Maid
  • MFF
  • MILF
  • MMF
  • Nurse
  • Overnight stays
  • Police woman
  • PSE
  • Role play
  • School girl
  • Secretary
  • Sex toys
  • Sexy lingerie
  • Sexy shower for 2
  • Social escort
  • Strip tease
  • Cuddling and Touching
  • Dirty Talk
  • Overnight
  • Passionate Kissing
  • Teasing
  • Toys
  • Escort
  • Erotic Relaxation
  • Full Service
  • Nipple Manipulation
  • Sissy Play
  • Relief


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Today Available 24 hours!
Thu Available 24 hours!
Fri Available 24 hours!
Sat Available 24 hours!
Sun Available 24 hours!
Mon Available 24 hours!
Tue Available 24 hours!

Rates From

30 min $350
1 hr $600
1.5 hrs $800
2 hrs $1100
Rates Extras



My service is a Girl friend, experience with sexy naughty games, toys inclusive of the fee.....

**Fantasy, role play, party games, I excel at and will take you there, just close your eyes and Ill take you higher ....

**Talk with me before the booking you would like me to arrange a comfortable environment to explore your pleasure or your fantasies for your PSE, GFE or an organic and fluid you just put on your sexiest lingerie and lets just see where this leads kind of time...

**$400 for each hour extended spontaneously during the booking (and I can read your mind, so I'll know!!)

**$1000 for each of us, for a double booking with myself and one of my sexy beautiful and talented friends ( you will of course have the power of choice to approve her or not) or a gorgeous escort of your choice (please provide me with her profile...)

**I do not to anything anal or anything painful ... I don't judge the love of pain, Im just not into it, nor am I into inflicting it....

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