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Lily the dominatrix #GoddessLily From $300 28yr North Adelaide - Near by In-calls
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Aussie Adelaide Goddess


HELLO to all the submissives, slaves, sluts, sissy’s, kinkstars and all those excited to try BDSM, or explore kinks & fetishes for the first time. All respectful humans, of all identities and sexualities, are welcome to play and explore with me.



I am a naturally dominant person who likes to take charge and be in control. I live the BDSM lifestyle and I am in an ENM FLR personally. I am a voyeur, sadist and enjoy using people as my own personal toys. I enjoy discovering new kinks, fetishes and subs! I like guiding newbies (including couples) through their first experiences and I take my time to build trust and rapport. On the contrary, I appreciate the insight and experience of long-term competent subs too. I love to hear about all the naughty things you have been up to on your BDSM journey.

My natural domme style is more on the ‘soft/ pleasure domme’ side of the spectrum however, I do enjoy a challenge and can easily enter a sterner and more authoritarian role for the right scene. I enjoy pushing my own limits and skills, as much as I enjoy getting my submissives out of their comfort zones and into subspace. I believe that true power and dominance is rooted in attention & energy, and is not performative. This is why it is paramount for me to stay authentic and channel different versions of myself during scenes. I am not an actor and can only be me. Therefore, there will be some scenes I will have to politely decline. No kink shaming, no yuking someone else’s yums, but if I cannot be an authentic version of myself, it just won’t be a good match.


So, knowing this, are you ready to transform into the version of yourself you are longing to become? Will you allow me to control your pleasure, and pain… if you so desire? Will you put your trust in me, as your goddess, to guide you through the wonderful, pleasurable and exciting world of kink & power exchange? I am ready to take control of you; mind, body and spirit.




I have females, males and trans-women associates that identify as either submissives, switches or dommes. They would love to join your scene, partially or entirely. Adequate notice and tribute will be required and these sessions are subject to availability. Tribute amounts will vary, so inquire with me by describing exactly what you desire and I will respond as promptly as possible.


SAFETY is fundamental in my dungeon. Everything that happens in my space is strictly safe, sane and consensual. This means protected too

ANY anal play on you? Please come prepared by cleaning and douching well. Only anal play I allow on me is rimming

TRIBUTE increases $50 if you would like fisting, pegging or FS

SCREENING. It is a non-negotiable requirement that we are strangers before we meet in the dungeon. This needs to be proven to me before we schedule in a session. You can do this by sending a pic of your photo ID (of course you can cover your surname and address), which I can delete right away, or in front of you before the beginning of your session. If you think we have had a session before, do mention this and we may be able to by-pass this step.  


I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. Be brave, take the first step and reach out by txting today. If you feel like you need to speak over the phone to explain your needs, txt me to arrange a time for me to call you


If you’re unsure on how to respectfully send a booking request, use the template below. This will fast track your request, making it likely you will get the appointment you desire. A least a days notice also helps! ;)


Hello Goddess, 


My name is (your-name) and I would like to organise my very first BDSM session with you. I see that you are available (day/days) and (time/s) on (day/s) would suit me best. After reading through your ad, I feel like we could be a good fit and would like to explore (include activities here, including your experience or lack of and any concerns you may have). I am ready to fully submit to you and I am eagerly awaiting your reply, to secure some of your precious time. 


Thank you Goddess

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