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Lisa Wu


Quick Facts

  • Gender Female
  • Sexuality Heterosexual
  • Age 24
  • Height 5' 5" / 165cm
  • Hair Long Black
  • Body Slim
  • Dress Size 8
  • Ethnicity Asian
  • Language English
  • Category Escort for Men

About Me

Let Lisa Wu WOOOO' you!

Boys, wu-hoo...

We are back on board after those LOCKDOWN breaks.


Want a chill "go with the flow" GFE sesh before, during and/or after work? I'm Aussie Asian. ABC 


Let me pamper you. Unwind, talk, cuddle, rub your work troubles away or rub me... 😉😁


I'm conveniently located very close to the Brisbane city for discretion. ☺️



30mins X

45mins $$$

60mins $$$


30mins no longer available. X

60mins highly recommended so we don't rush the romance. 😘



Operating hours: 9AM-12AM


Safe and legal practices ONLY.




Ph: 0468958617


NB: I have now capped my daily bookings due to the COVID-19 climate. Please book at least 1+ days in advance for a booking so I can schedule, clean and disinfect my apartment for your arrival. Otherwise you WILL miss out.




Things I Prefer In Private

  • Affectionate cuddling
  • CBJ
  • GFE
  • Sex toys
  • Cuddling and Touching
  • Teasing
  • Escort
  • Full Service

My Reviews

Thank you for seeing me. Reviews are appreciated. <3



"I've never seen her before so I thought she must be new. She's a lovely girl from Sydney. So happy she's here to stay in Brissy."

-- C, May 2019

“I can see why she’s so busy. She has a chill personality and great attentive service”.

-- J, July 2019

"Thank you for your company. Apologies for the few times I've cancelled due to work, which is why I tipped this time. Hope to see you again if work allows me!"

-- S, July 2019

"Thanks sweet Lisa. So happy I met you last night, Hope to see you again."

-- J, September 2019

"I'm not good with my words. But I would like to write a review for Lisa. 

I only met up with her for a few seshes so far. But I enjoyed her company every single time. 

She is really well organized with her bookings. Cause I never had to wait. She was easy to communicate with and very accommodating. Her session starts with a nice friendly chat and get to know each other. 

As I'm a nervous person, it took me a few times to be more open to her. She is extremely friendly and easy going. Not gonna go into too much of the details in the sesh as it's best to find out and enjoy in person. 

The main thing is her sesh is EXACTLY the GFE you need. She made me feel like I had a gf again XD. Even just for an hour XD. 

The very last thing is. She is young and exactly like her ads. And she is a ABC not like other ladies that are hard to communicate. If you are looking for GFE. She is the one you want and need."

-- K, September 2019

“She has a witty personality. Talks a lot but that’s what I liked about the service. I like how she doesn’t tell me to knock off my jocks in a rush. I was quite surprised but satisfied. :D”

-- J, September 2019

"Lisa, doesn't wear the most luxurious lingerie or clothes but what matters is her caring and gentle nature. Shows it in her services and her reasonable rates."

-- W, September 2019

"Smashing body, good prices, great services."

-- T, October 2019

"Thank you for being gentle and helping me to calm my nerves."

-- M, October 2019

 "I've been a Brisbane regular since June. I really enjoy her genuine personality and touch. She only offers longer stays for regular clients. Not regretting my decision to first see her in June at all. Can't wait to see you next week, Lisa!"

-- D, October 2019

“Ok I should start off by saying if you're just after an “in and out” style service click the back button and search elsewhere because you'll be wasting your time here. Now we've covered that I'll move on.

Lisa is probably one of the most beautiful people I've met and even though she is an extremely attractive woman it's the beauty that exudes from the inside that manifests into a down to earth, personable young lady who actually loves meeting nice new people and giving them an experience that at least for me, felt like it was really tailored to who I am and what I like.

When I first contacted Lisa it was a prompt response and after a few texts back and forth we were able to organise a time to meet and it was no hassles at all. After getting there I was welcomed with a beautiful smile and a hug. We had a brief chat and got to know each other a bit and let me say she has no trouble holding a conversation on a variety of topics and for me it felt like she actually wants to get to know you. This might be one of the reasons she's able to provide an experience that feels so intimate and personal. By the time we were finished our whole session I left feeling rejuvenated and like I was on top of the world.

I plan on seeing Lisa as a regular and if you've taken the time to read this review and feel like this might suit, get in contact with her and be prepared for a girlfriend experience that is second to none.”

-- C, October 2019

“Lisa is so kind, talks like your girlfriend. We ran out of time at the end but I left satisfied. Your company is genuine and non-rushed. I need to go back again to see what else we could get up to.”

-- S, November 2019

“Very relaxing. Thank you, Lisa!”

-- D, December 2019

“I have become a loyal regular. I see Lisa once every month for longer bookings when I come up from Sydney. Lisa is the genuine GFE. I book her for her company. I'm not into the rough porn-star or lots of sexual intimacy. So if you're looking for genuine company Lisa is the girl for you. Treat her well and she will treat you well!”

-- J, December 2019

“Basic service, no extras. I was quite surprised. But she has converted me to be CHILL than “ON THE GO”. I will be back!”

-- S, December 2019

“Lisa isn't for everyone. If you prefer a quick service, this isn't for you. Lisa talks a lot like a GF, slow and patient in the bedroom and hugs you goodbye just like you're off to work or going home. If you miss this, Lisa is for you!”

-- B, January 2020

“Lovely, Lisa. It’s always so good to catch up with you once in a while. You make every meet much more anticipating. You are mesmerising. Thank you.”

-- C, January 2020

“Lisa is very accommodating, considerate and organised with her dates. She is very switched-on with her business, future plans and world topics. You will have a great long conversation with her. I didn't mind not getting to the bedroom. It felt like I had a connection with her and forgot about 'finishing up". I highly recommend you organise a date with this lady if you have missed this emotional connection with a lover. I will come back soon to see what emotional sexual connection we may have. Thank you, Lisa.“

-- G, February 2020

“So happy Lisa is back to work. I missed out before lockdown. She isn’t showy or pushy, but she knows herself and isn’t scared to stand someone down if she feels uncomfortable. I think that’s hot! She’s so easy to talk to. Couldn’t take my eyes off hers and that cute laugh as she gives you her utmost attention.”

-- M, July 2020

“Fantastic personality. Very organised and straight to the point. All formalities first before any play is a turn on for me. Thanks Lisa for a fantastic meeting! Till our next encounter...”

-- P, July 2020

‘’This is what I've been missing. The interesting chats, the exhilarating debates, the warm touch, the endearing company. Thank you for giving me what I've missed for a long time."

-- P, July 2020

“The Wu experience is perfect for one who is looking for that lovely “girlfriend or partner” that you have lost or missed. Lisa is a very chill girlfriend, once you remove all your nervousness. She is accommodating and considerate. She greets you on her warm couch or standing like she has been waiting for you since last week or a year ago. She has the most warmest hugs.

Her body, smile and snuggles are to die for!! The bedroom climax was sensual and satisfying for me. You’ll need to book her yourself, as she explains that every experience and mood is different.

The first meeting was a great introduction to see whether it’s worth it for the long run. Her focus is investing in returning visits not the “one-off hello bye” next person encounters. I really like how she runs her business. 4 meetings a day, at most, feels a lot more exclusive than let’s get in a dozen a day. She definitely is in a good head space for her age.

After a few 1 hour visits, I am absolutely convinced I want to become a regular. Fingers crossed I can reserve a regular day with her. NEXT IN LINE!”

-- M, August 2020

"Lovely lady. Great type of service if you need a change from the normal "quickie".

-- S, August 2020

"Discrete location, easy access, professional services, sexy personality and body."

-- D, September 2020

"I'm a young hardworking professional. Tinder hasn't been very successful for me for the past few years. Booking Lisa every Sunday has been a highlight for 2020. We talk, debate, play games, cook together. She's really down-to-earth. She's the perfect GF! You live once, right? Book her, but don't take my Sunday mornings! They belong to me. LFMAO "

-- T, October 2020

"Lisa, you are adorable and so down-to-earth. The chats and company feels so genuine. Hope to see you next time, my dear!".

-- L, November 2020

"I saw her just before Christmas and New Years. Such great dates. Such a great gal. Easy to talk to, but she talks a lot. She made me less nervous though. Happy to see her again when my next work bonus rolls in! Thanks Lisa!"

-- D, January 2021

"Thank you Lisa. I haven't had that emotional sensual touch in a long long time! Very enjoyable. Next time I will come with chocolates."

-- A, January 2021

"She's a beautiful lady. She talks way to much, but our laughs broke the ice very well. I believe I have found my monthly therapist!!"

-- P, February 2021

"A wonderful GFE. Can see why she has regulars. Won't be surprised if they've fallen in love with her, but she keeps it professional. She's kind, genuine and chill. Will see again!"

-- V, April 2021

"So ok, I got lost because I was so nervous to meet Lisa. I didn't get the whole hour with her because of my small stupid mistake. I still had the best conversation with her. She's so chill and understanding. Her soft giggles and hugs are what I've been waiting for. Thank you for hanging out with me, Lisa."

-- L, April 2021

"Lisa, is not your typical escort service. Don't say we and above guys didn't warn you! She's my go-to Girlfriend. She's someone who I feel genuinely secured and intimate with. Despite the transactional relationship she still doesn't limit herself in showing her own personality and friendliness. I've known her for a year now. We hug, we chill, we eat, we watch, we study together. See you in a couple of weeks, Lisa. Bless".

-- C, June 2021

"Lisa Wu: young check, body check, personality check, chatty check, chill check, laughs check, not a quickie check, hot nerd check. Found my dream girl without the strings attached! Speechless."

-- C, June 2021

"Lovely girl. Love spending time with her. We've accidently fell asleep in each other's arms before. Very romantic! Lucky, I still had extra to tip her"

-- P, September 2021

"Business first. Romance later. Great policy. Great professionalism. Don't mess with this woman!"

-- D, October 2021




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