SEXPO – The Sexiest Exhibition In Australia

There are various sex events, festivals and exhibitions throughout the world, and one of the most prominent has to be SEXPO. SEXPO, which stands for The Sexuality And Adult Lifestyle Exhibition, is a health, sexuality and lifestyle exhibition event which began in Australia in 1995. It has since garnered fame as the world's largest and longest-running adult event.
According to, SEXPO was created to bring “adult health, sexuality and lifestyle products and services into a safe, secure and mainstream setting.” The exhibition has certainly done that and more, since its first opening at the Carlton Crest Hotel, Albert Park, in 1996. Since then, it has been held over 80 times in various locations throughout Australia, including Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth, Sydney, and more. The first international SEXPO event was held in South Africa in 2007 and then in 2015, SEXPO made its first appearance in London, England. Plans are also in the works for SEXPO to happen in the US soon.
During the very first time it was held, SEXPO attracted over 5,000 people. This number has grown to 68,000 people per exhibition, and over 3 million people collectively each year. SEXPO also attracts hundreds of exhibitors at each event, and generates millions in income.
Visitors can expect to be entertained with sex products shopping, world-class performers, comedy shows, fetish demonstrations, educational seminars, and more. They also have a chance to take part in competitions such as Amateur Strip and Sexy Cosplay. Many famous professionals in the adult industry including the likes of Madison Missina, Ashton Avenue, Jenna Haze, Pricasso and more also make their appearance in SEXPO.
SEXPO also has a FutureX area in its exhibition. FutureX features Harmony, a busty sex doll with AI capabilities who can interact with visitors. It also includes virtual reality gaming, robotics and sex tech to give visitors a glimpse on the evolution of the sex industry in the future.
If you have not visited a SEXPO event yet, why not make it a part of your plans? You and your escort will be sure to have a great time there! Head on to their official website at for more details.