Terms and Definitions

Terms and Definitions

"Available Now" labels are placed on your profile and includes you in the carousel of the nominated location. This is a great way to indicate to site users that you are, well, available now! Your profile will be included in the carousel of that location for a 30 minute duration. 
"Available Now" credits can be purchased by all advertisers for $3 ea. 
"Pop Out" profiles are individual profiles who are temporarily popped out of their establishment/agency container profile. A "pop out" profile becomes searchable and will appear above the weekly advertisers by location on their own in escorts and babes results pages.

For Featured Agency and Establishment "Pop Outs" are $60 each per 4 week cycle.
These profiles can be Featured for an aditional $85 ea. All pop out profiles come down when the main profile expires.

Different profiles can be rotated in and out of the main business profile to make the most of the advertising space you have invested in.

Agency and Establishment profiles are tailored to the business with profile details specific to each. Both Featured Agencies and Establishment main Advertisements can up to 12 "Contained Individuals" profiles which are their own Escorts and Babes profile pages that can "Popped Out" to make them searchable. 

Individuals can be built under the 1 login and allow you to feature your best and add additional profile details and gallery photos. These Individuals are also linked back to the main profile to help you capture more business.

Base locations are semipermanent locations in your State or Territory. These locations are used in site searches and are part of the criteria for displaying your advertisement in the results page and in the carousel.

You can set a location as active or turn it off storing pricing and rates extra information for next time. When you deactivate a location you can add another within that state.

If your only going for a couple of weeks or less try the Touring Option for Verified Advertisers.

Boosting is the ability to manually or pre-set your preferred time and date to Boost your advertisement in 1st position of our carousel in your specified locations. Featured advertisers can purchase Boost credits for $30 each. Unused Boost credits do not expire. But you need to have your Featured subscription current to use them.

To get the most from your advertising we recommend you get your "Photos Verified" by us. The "Photos Verified" label will indicate a genuine profile to the public.

This can only be done if they are real images of you as the person offering the the service.
You will need 7 gallery photos, 2 selfies with your username as proof of identification and a last selfie with an instruction given by the admin. These can be uploaded to the site like other photos or sent to Kristy's phone 0450 733 525. These photos will not be used in your public gallery unless you are happy to do so.

Please Note:
  • Addition of a single fake image to your gallery of images will see your the "Photos Verified" label removed until the fake image is removed.
  • Sending other people to bookings without notice of such, other than the person advertised will see removal of the "Photos Verified" label.
  • The public do reverse image searches and are quick to tells us when we are wrong!

A touring location defines a from/to date which indicates to viewers the time they can expect you to be available at the location. You can setup Up to 5 touring locations (For Verified users only) up to 4 weeks in advanced and they will automatically publish ahead and hide when you leave.